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I have a question ..

I have recently bought a liquid cooler for my CPU .. I have overclocked my i7-6700K to 4.6 GHz and it runs at a cool 50 degrees celsius .. but the conflicting problem I'm having is I run at 1.35V .. seems like some people are very against anything above 1.30 and some people say they run theirs at over 1.40 with no issues ..

Just wondering what all you guys run at? Have you had any issues ..

I'm trying to get greedy and really get the most from my system .. found Kingdom Come Deliverance runs really well and looks better with the overclocking of both my CPU and GPU .. GPU is air cooled but it stays at a decent temperature even when getting pushed and I don't want to get into liquid cooling it until I'm better at building systems lol ..

Specs are:

CPU: i7-6700K
Motherboard: MSI Z170A M5 Gaming
RAM: Ripsaw 16GB if that makes any difference ..

The liquid cool is set up as exhaust at the top of my tower and inside temp doesn't seem to be a problem ..

Any help would be appreciated

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