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So you get 2 free games every month even if you stop paying for Gold??

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Google won't give me a clear answer. If you use Gold on a One S and you download all the games included in the price every month, you really get 2 of them for FREE even if you stop paying for Gold? I know you rent the One games and they disappear once you stop paying. The wording on the official website states players on Xbox 360 get to keep the games even if they aren't subscribed to Gold. This is the same for Xbox One users since it's BC right? If so, that softens the blow a little for the cost of the subscription. I am a big believer in online play should be free and now with Nintendo charging $19.99 a year to play online in September, I am left with only PC being free so am looking at all my options.

I am not a big online player but I do like the thought that I can play online if I choose to without a paywall. If I get 2 free games every month that were now mine if I chose to download them, that makes Gold a better value than PS+. Nintendo is cheaper than both of them but no one knows if it will even be worth $19.99. Hoping people here can clear things up for me thanks.

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