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Nearly 15 years ago I started on of the first video gaming discussion sites on the internet, Video Gaming Forums. It did very well and over several years, grew to tens of thousands of users, and hundreds of thousands of post. Unfortunately around that time some new sites with big budgets started showing up on the scene and drawing away a lot of people. I had life going on so I decided I decided to close the site. Over the years it has bothered me that these other sites are just corporate entities. They lack the personalization of being a site run by a gamer for gamers. I have always wanted to get that original community feeling back, that Video Gaming Forums had. Now, years later, I have no life (just kidding) and have decided to start the site back up. If you are looking for a site for gamers by gamers and not just some mega site, then take a moment and join me and let’s turn the new Video Gaming Forums into the best video gaming discussion site on the internet!

- Gary

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