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  1. Those interested in trying out the Destiny 2 open beta on consoles will get their chance later this month. The Destiny 2 console open beta will take place globally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 21-23. Players will be able to test the opening story mission, Homecoming, along with the three-player cooperative Strike, The Inverted Spire. Two competitive multiplayer modes will also be playable. Bungie said during the Destiny 2 open beta, Clan support will not be tested, and while players will be rewarded for defeating enemies, character progression is not included. In other words, don’t expect anything in the beta to carry over to the final version of Destiny 2 when it releases September 6. That said, players who participate in the betas will be handed a Destiny 2 Beta Emblem – which will carry over, of course. It will be made available for players come release as a “gesture of thanks,” marking the player as a “volunteer member of the development team.” A PC beta is still slated to take place sometime in August. You’ll need to have a Blizzard account to play it.