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  1. Have you played any old school systems?

    I've only played emulated versions of NES games
  2. What do you play?

    Just random stuff. Whatever looks fun at the moment
  3. Are you a PC gamer?

    Yes, because I love the ability to mod
  4. Is "Watch Dogs" as good as "Grand Theft Auto 5"?

    I don't think so
  5. Future of PS3

    I have to agree. They are going to have to stop at some point and focus on newer systems
  6. Anybody Switched?

    Still waiting to see if it is going to be worth it
  7. Did Nintendo Drop The Ball

    I think so too
  8. Crowd Funded Games

    Never done it. Seems too risky. Plus I don't like waiting for something
  9. Where are the Xbox fans?

    I like the Xbox
  10. Modders Win!!!

    So glad to see that people actually stood up to a company and won! OpenIV was a great tool for modding Grand Theft Auto and when Take Two caused it to be shut down, it was great to see people stand up. I guess Rockstar saw that it was going to hurt their bottom line and got Take Two to go back on the Cease and Desist Order. Way to go modders. Glad we got a great tool back!