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  1. Monster Hunter: World For PC

    Anybody else looking forward to Monster Hunter: World for the PC. I can't wait. I will be awesome!
  2. Is anyone else excited about the new God of War that is supposed to be released April 20th? It looks awesome!
  3. These are some great games. Nintendo did a good job overhauling the graphics, but I don't play the 3DS very much any more... Do you think they will ever port the 3DS remakes to HD?
  4. Nintendo Switch One Year Anniversary

    I haven't gotten one yet because they don't have enough games for it yet.
  5. Has anyone else heard about this yet? The next GTA or GTA 6 is codenamed PROJECT AMERICAS and will be set in Vice City AND South America. It is slated to be released in 2021 or 2022 at the latest and will most likely feature a female protagonist.
  6. I rented it over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Haven't played a shooter this fun in a while. I had no trouble finding matches to join. Just wondering if the community is still active or if I'm coming in too late. I know Blizzard has a strong following but I've never played any of their games. Anyone on here still play it?
  7. Final Fantasy XV

    What do you think about them allowing modding in Final Fantasy XV?
  8. Firmament

    Don't quite understand the point. Looks a little like Bioshock
  9. Manhunt 3

    I haven't heard of them doing it, but it would be awesome! That game was so ahead of its time for violence. Would love to see another one