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  1. I am currently looking for USB charger recommendations. I found one which I like that appears to have a built-in magnet for attaching to most surfaces. For example it says it can be attached under desktops and tables to help keep cable clutter to a minimum. The built in magnet would probably make this an excellent garage tool/charger as well. Just shopping around and looking for a quality product. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried the magnetic USB charger? Thanks
  2. I love the Sega Dreamcast, owned mine since 2000 and it's still kicking. Dreamcast on VGA displays at 640x480. I have a CRT monitor I play it on or my HP 25es IPS
  3. What are you playing?

    I don’t like mobile games because the try to get money too often.
  4. Final Fantasy XV

    Can’t wait to see it when they release the mod toolkit.
  5. Monster Hunter: World For PC

    I think this will be an incredible game on the PC
  6. Overclocking

    I have a question .. I have recently bought a liquid cooler for my CPU .. I have overclocked my i7-6700K to 4.6 GHz and it runs at a cool 50 degrees celsius .. but the conflicting problem I'm having is I run at 1.35V .. seems like some people are very against anything above 1.30 and some people say they run theirs at over 1.40 with no issues .. Just wondering what all you guys run at? Have you had any issues .. I'm trying to get greedy and really get the most from my system .. found Kingdom Come Deliverance runs really well and looks better with the overclocking of both my CPU and GPU .. GPU is air cooled but it stays at a decent temperature even when getting pushed and I don't want to get into liquid cooling it until I'm better at building systems lol .. Specs are: CPU: i7-6700K Motherboard: MSI Z170A M5 Gaming GPU: MSI GTX 1080 8GB RAM: Ripsaw 16GB if that makes any difference .. The liquid cool is set up as exhaust at the top of my tower and inside temp doesn't seem to be a problem .. Any help would be appreciated
  7. So what game did you have to most hype for ever? What I mean is a game you highly anticipated before it was released. It may or may not have lived up to your hype. For me it is Metal Gear Solid 2. MGS1 is my favorite game of all time. When I saw gameplay footage of MGS2 I was blown away. Aiming in first person, seeing the shadows of guards around corners, shooting bottles off the shelves. How bout you?
  8. From the very first teasers, trailers and character introductions Then I'm hearing in my mind all day Far Cry 5's theme for the resistance. LOVING this soundtrack. So then I went to check the game on Amazon for the gold edition of this game and I found there is a tie-in novel released the month before the game (reading it now). Now they put a live-action short film. There is a ton of stuff I'm ommiting like the season pass, the arcade mode (map editor) and the inclussion of Far Cry 3. Everything I see gets me a little more excited with this release. Kudos to them, they really sold the game to me.
  9. God of War Coming April 20th

    Looks sweet!
  10. Google won't give me a clear answer. If you use Gold on a One S and you download all the games included in the price every month, you really get 2 of them for FREE even if you stop paying for Gold? I know you rent the One games and they disappear once you stop paying. The wording on the official website states players on Xbox 360 get to keep the games even if they aren't subscribed to Gold. This is the same for Xbox One users since it's BC right? If so, that softens the blow a little for the cost of the subscription. I am a big believer in online play should be free and now with Nintendo charging $19.99 a year to play online in September, I am left with only PC being free so am looking at all my options. I am not a big online player but I do like the thought that I can play online if I choose to without a paywall. If I get 2 free games every month that were now mine if I chose to download them, that makes Gold a better value than PS+. Nintendo is cheaper than both of them but no one knows if it will even be worth $19.99. Hoping people here can clear things up for me thanks.
  11. It is a pretty big leap
  12. Too late for Overwatch?

    It’s late in the game but you should be able to have fun with it.
  13. Switch Activity Reporting Issue

    I guess this only matters if you are trying to track how much your kids are playing it.
  14. Nintendo Switch One Year Anniversary

    The WiFi sucks!