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  1. I saw that people were complaining about this game being CPU intensive. However, my game stutters like crazy. I am running the game at 3440x1440 and it stutters every few seconds. I have everything turned up to ultra. I would believe my 1080Ti and 6800k overclocked to 4.2 could handle. Is there something that I need to change or is this the way this game is? I have googled and seen lots of problems about this issue already.
  2. Final Fantasy XV

    That’s what I think makes PCs great
  3. Firmament

    I agree. It looks sort of like Bioshock
  4. That would be interesting
  5. Manhunt 3

    I don’t see it happening
  6. I don't. In fact I use the Dolphin emulator quite often. It's really the only emulator in my opinion that runs just as good as the actual hardware most of the time. Doubt I'll be trying out Cemu or Citra for a while though. On the other hand, I really wish they'd speed up progress with the PCSX2. But I guess PS2 emulation is trickier. A lot of the Nintendo based emulator's have really made steady progress.