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  1. Hey everyone, I just picked up a copy of Contra Hard Corps from ebay, but it doesn't run. I just get a black screen when I turn on the Genesis. It seems fine on the outside, but it's harder to insert and take out of the console. I messaged the seller and he said he cleaned and tested before listing, so I'm not sure what it could be. I'm using a Model 1 Genesis. I actually tried it on two model 1's that I own, same result. Any tips would be appreciated
  2. Sea of Thieves discussion

    Hi all, just want to start a discussion and trying to figure out what's the gameplay of the game. Please add you question and concern about the gameplay and hopefully someone will answer it.
  3. I prefer single player DLC and ignore multiplayer content except Call of Duty maps where I can play Team Deathmatch. I usually stay away from multiplayer games because of online bullying and people making fun of me for living in my parents basement.
  4. Nintendo fans are used to rebuying games on newer platforms. I've repurchased the DKC trilogy probably 3 different times when all is said and done. I've repurchased OoT 4 times. I bought the Pikmin games on Wii along with the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Why? Because I wanted the definitive version of each and every Nintendo game. Each "port" generally has an advantage. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is perhaps the best 2D platformer ever made along with Rayman Legends and Yoshi's Island as equals in its genre. Sure, Nintendo is charging full price for its Switch release. Sure, that's expensive. But in reality, it's worth every penny. The Wii U game did not support headphone support through the Gamepad for the awesome David Wise soundtrack. The Switch game is also fully portable. You're rebuying the Wii U version for $20 and getting a portable bonus for $30, with a $10 DLC in the Funky pack. I think there is a lot of shame being thrown around for Nintendo "porting" games to Switch when it's really not that bad. Mario Kart 8 became a full portable multiplayer experience. Same with all the other Nintendo ports. I'll say this: I have purchased every single Nintendo port ever made. I will likely do the same. I have no problem rebuying my entire Wii U collection so I can have all those games portable right on my Switch wherever I go. People who hate on Nintendo for porting Switch are not true Nintendo fans. To take it further, if you're not willing to buy these ports, I question your status as a Nintendo fan.
  5. Do you think Bitcoin is worth all the excitement it has had recently?
  6. How do you buy your PC games?

    How do you buy your PC games? Do you get a box version in a store or buy them online?