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  1. Nintendo Switch One Year Anniversary

    I hope to see more AAA games released for it
  2. I’d like it, but I doubt it will happen
  3. Please tell me the switches WiFi isn’t this pathetic

    I don’t have this problem either
  4. Fanboy much? I think that is Nintendo’s problem now. They rehash the same games over and over too much instead of releasing new content. Like Mario Kart 8. They should not be releasing it on the Switch. It should be Mario Kart 9 and have new stuff. Also, they seem to like charging a premium for really old games
  5. Switch Update

  6. Who mods?

    I do
  7. Final Fantasy XV

    I like the idea
  8. Manhunt 3

    Too many violent games now. Manhunt isn’t special anymore
  9. Firmament

    Hope to hear more about it
  10. GTA 6 Codename: "PROJECT AMERICAS" leak?

    Sounds cool!
  11. There are plenty of AAA games coming out this year
  12. Do you despise emulators?

    I like them